Who We Are

Boon Supply is a modern fundraising platform that supports schools, teams, groups, and other organizations in their efforts to raise money for their communities. 

As an eco-conscious marketplace, Boon Supply offers multiple ways for supporters to contribute to a fundraiser. Supporters can choose to receive something in exchange for their donation, like one of our customer-favorite reusable totes, delicious treats like bundt cakes or baking mixes, or a subscription to their favorite magazine. Alternatively, they can donate directly to the fundraiser - minimizing the effort and maximizing the give back. Each purchase gives back up to 80% to the cause of the customer’s choice (the specific giveback amount is clearly listed on each item so purchasers know exactly how much will go to their cause). 

Our Founding Story

Lily Kanter - co-founder of lifestyle brand Serena & Lily - acquired Mixed Bag Designs in 2017, a company in the school fundraising space, which had already generated over $80 million for academic institutions and groups. Boon Supply takes this successful legacy into the micro-fundraising and charity fundraising realm with Lily’s deep technological expertise and keen eye for design. It’s long been her passion to democratize philanthropy for all causes and communities. 

Impact to Date

So far, we have given back over $102 million to schools, clubs, teams, and other organizations! We’ve supported over 65,000 fundraisers, in more than 100,000 communities across the country. 

We are also incredibly proud of the impact the Boon Community has had on the planet. To date, we estimate that our sustainable products have saved 124 billion grocery bags, 2 billion plastic baggies, and 214 million cups from recycling centers or landfills. 

Let’s Give More Good, Together

We’re excited to see our impact continue to climb.Our dedicated team of Consultants are here to help you build a custom fundraising program that meets the needs of your community. Programs are tailored to the region, size and type of organization, and always take individual needs into account. Learn more about how Boon Supply can help you give back to your community in meaningful ways.

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