Supporting a Fundraiser

One of the best things about shopping on Boon Supply is that your purchase gives back to the cause that matters the most to you. Shop our incredible selection of eco-friendly products, gourmet treats, and more. Make sure your giveback amount goes to the fundraiser of your choice by following the simple steps below.

Select a Fundraiser to Support

If you come to our site through a shared fundraising link, you'll automatically see the name of the organization you're supporting listed upon checkout. If you did not arrive through a direct link, you'll be asked to enter the fundraiser you wish to support with your purchase at checkout. You can find the fundraiser by entering the organization’s Fundraiser ID or by looking up the organization’s name, then choosing the correct organization from the results. If there are multiple results, make sure to check the city and the state. 

Select a Fundraising Participant to Credit

Once you’ve chosen your fundraiser, you may also enter the seller’s first and last name if you would like a specific person to receive credit for your purchase. (The seller is the fundraising participant - in a school fundraiser this would be the student.) There’s also a field to enter the teacher’s name, if applicable. Please note that at this time we are unable to split the credit for an order among multiple sellers. While only one seller can receive credit per order, you are welcome to place multiple orders with each order attributed to a unique seller.

Forgot to Select a Fundraiser or Participant?

Don’t worry if you forgot to add any of the fundraiser information during checkout - we are able to manually add the information after the fact. Simply contact Customer Care with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Fundraiser ID, or name of the fundraiser you would like to support
  • If applicable, please include the names of the seller (student) and teacher who you would like to have credited for your order
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