Customizing Your Fundraiser

Every organization that runs a Boon Supply fundraiser will have their own online fundraiser page, which we call a landing page. Your landing page will have a default description and stock photo upon creation. However, it’s easy to customize both the photo and description to make your fundraiser feel more personal - and the more personal your fundraiser, the better!

Choosing an Image

  • Photos have the power to quickly tell your story in a way that’s often easier to understand than words. Choose images that clearly depict what your fundraiser is all about: if you’re raising money for a new school library, choose a picture that shows your vision for the space; if you’re raising money for your sports team, include pictures of the players in uniform. 
  • Grab the attention of supporters by using high-quality images with bold colors. Use your creativity!
  • The best practice is to use a high-resolution landscape image (meaning the image is wider than it is tall) that measures 1064 px x 600 px. 

Writing your Fundraiser Description

  • Let your supporters know exactly what you’re raising funds for and who it will benefit. 
  • Be concise and clear - the character limit for your description is 240 characters. 

How to Make the Customization Updates

Our customer care team is on standby, ready to help your fundraiser shine. Simply send your image and description to Customer Care, along with your fundraiser ID and we’ll make your customizations in no time. 

Reminder, you can find your fundraiser ID by logging into your MyFundraiser account. The ID will be in the left hand side of the screen.

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