The Boon Advantage

Our mission at Boon Supply is to provide a fun and simple way for schools, teams, and other organizations to raise as much money as possible, with minimal effort on their part. We do this by leveraging best-in-class technology that rewards participants for their efforts in sharing their fundraiser and allows supporters to order products (that they actually want and will use!) online that are delivered directly to their door, and by offering incredible support each step of the way from our top-notch team of sales professionals and dedicated customer care representatives. 

Designed to Save You Time & Money

We’ve streamlined the fundraising experience. Gone are the days of order forms, handling cash, and product distribution. Your fundraiser can be up and running in a matter of minutes, ready for you to start raising money immediately. Simply share with supporters and watch the orders roll in - we’ll take care of the rest. 

A Boon Supply fundraiser costs nothing to run, and we don’t charge for extras like lookbooks or prizes (where available). We keep it simple by displaying a giveback percentage on each item on our site, so you and your supporters know exactly how much of each purchase will go directly to your cause. That means that at the end of your fundraiser there will be no invoices to pay, you’ll simply receive a payout for the full sum of the giveback. Please note that we do offer the option for Chairs to order product samples from their Consultant at a discounted rate, and that amount is deducted from the giveback before issuing the final payout. 

Technology that Supercharges Sharing

Fundraising has always been about numbers: the more people you can engage, the more you’ll raise. Boon Supply makes it simple for you to drive engagement. By eliminating all of the hassle of taking and distributing orders and putting the power of social media at your fingertips, you can focus on what matters.

Our technology allows everyone to participate, even if they can’t shop. By using our Boost feature, it’s easy to add email addresses of potential supporters, and we’ll keep your fundraiser in their inbox.

We also make it incredibly easy to share your fundraiser in a text or post it to social media, directly from your dashboard. You can post directly to Facebook and Twitter, or copy the link and add it to Instagram, Nextdoor, TikTok, wherever your supporters might be. Learn more about sharing here.

Plus, we keep track of how many people participants have Boosted the fundraiser to and how many times they've shared via social media, making it easy for the Fundraising Chair to reward them for their efforts.

Take a look at how simple it is to share your fundraiser using Boon’s innovative tools…

Happy Supporters = A Successful Fundraiser

We are constantly receiving feedback about how much supporters love Boon Supply. Family and friends will be excited to support your Boon Supply fundraiser for two main reasons: the option to receive something from our expansive collection of products in exchange for their donation and a streamlined site that makes it easy for them to order in minutes. 

Our assortment has something for everyone - from sustainable swaps like reusable zip pouches to gift-worthy bundt cakes and an expansive collection of magazines. We even offer a simple and secure direct donation option for the supporter who has everything! 

Our website is optimized for ease of use, making it possible for supporters to browse and order directly from wherever they’re most comfortable - whether that’s their phone, tablet, or computer. Then, we ship orders directly to their home in a matter of days.

Learn more about all of the incredible products that supporters can choose from here

Standout Service

Our team of professionals will walk you through the fundraising experience from start to finish. They excel in helping you make the most of your fundraiser, ensuring you have the resources needed to meet your fundraising goals. Here’s what we can help you with:

  • We will discuss the details of your fundraiser and come up with a game plan to help you reach your goals. 
  • While you have the option to set up the fundraiser yourself, we’re more than happy to do this for you. We can even customize your fundraiser image and description to make it as personal as possible. 
  • We will provide you with tips on how to maximize your fundraiser earnings, and will make sure you’re getting the most out of all of the resources at your disposal (like Chair dashboards with real-time reports, parent letters, and sharing templates). We can even personalize most of these resources to best suit your needs.
  • If applicable, we can order the lookbooks and samples for your fundraiser. These tools are excellent ways to engage supporters and maximize earnings.
  • We offer the option for elementary and middle school fundraisers to opt-in to our prize program. Your consultant will help you order the prizes you need to get students excited to spread the word. Learn more about our prize program here.
  • Many of the schools we partner with host assemblies to kickoff their fundraiser - and we are at their disposal to help make that event as impactful as possible (sometimes our Consultants even come in person to get the party started!). 
  • We will check in with you throughout the fundraiser to make sure you have everything you need to keep the momentum going, lending a hand wherever we can.
  • Of course, we will be happy to make any changes to your fundraiser, such as updating start and end dates or descriptions and photos.
  • We will assist you in requesting your fundraiser payout. Payouts are issued via safe and secure Deluxe eChecks 5-7 business days after requesting. 
  • Our team of customer care representatives excel at keeping your supporters happy, assisting them in any way possible.

… and much more! We’ll do whatever we can to empower your success. Find your Boon Consultant here, or reach out to our customer care team via email or chat. Live chat is available during our regular business hours (8am - 3pm PT, Monday - Friday). 

Use the Boon Advantage to Your Advantage

Since 2009, we’ve helped schools and organizations raise over $100 million - and we would love to do the same for you. Learn how you can get started today.

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