Using Your Chair Dashboard

We’ve designed a user-friendly dashboard that makes it simple for you as a Fundraising Chair to easily manage your fundraiser from one place. The dashboard contains an overview of the fundraiser’s status, sharing tools and templates, and downloadable reports. 

The video above introduces you to your chair dashboard, and the important information it contains.

Accessing Your Chair Dashboard

To access your fundraiser dashboard, sign in or register using this link

Navigating Your Chair Dashboard

After signing in to your dashboard, you will see a list of the In Progress and Completed fundraisers you have led. If you’re serving as Chair for multiple organizations, you will see links to each organization in your dashboard, allowing you to manage each fundraiser from a central location. 

Next, click on the name of the fundraiser you would like to manage (in the Organization Name column). From there, you will be able to use the tools listed below to propel your fundraiser to success. 

Fundraiser Information

The banner at the top of your dashboard has critical pieces of information that you will need throughout your fundraiser: your Consultant’s name and contact info, along with your Fundraiser ID. 

Editing Fundraiser Details

The Edit Details link beneath your fundraiser name allows you to edit select details about your fundraiser directly from your dashboard, before you've ordered supplies. If your fundraiser supplies have already been ordered, we suggest reaching out to our Customer Care team directly for any changes.

Fundraiser Action Blocks

Highlighted on your dashboard are your Fundraiser Action Blocks. These allow you to quickly review your fundraiser metrics and take the most important actions to drive the success of your fundraiser: Shopping, sharing, and inviting sellers to join in your efforts. 

Each time you refresh your dashboard, we will highlight one of the four blocks and encourage you to take action. Your sharing metrics will be updated immediately upon taking action, but the other three metrics need to be synced before you will see updated figures. Click the info circle in each of the blocks to learn when you can expect to see the updated metrics. 

  • Shop

The Shop block is the fastest way to see how much you have raised. The dollar amount displayed here is the amount you would receive if you requested payout right away, less the total cost of any samples you purchased to support your fundraiser.

The Shop Now button will take you to your fundraiser landing page. From there, click the Shop this Cause button and shop our collection of items that give back to your cause. Learn more about Shopping to Support your fundraiser. 

  • Boost

The Boost block displays how many email addresses have been entered into our Boost10 tool on behalf of your fundraiser. Learn more about how this exclusive tool helps fundraisers earn an average of 3x the amount of those who do not take advantage of this resource.

The Boost Now button will take you a bit farther down on your fundraising landing page. From there, enter email addresses for potential supporters, check the box to verify your age and consent, and click save. Then, we’ll email your family and friends 3-5 times throughout the course of your fundraiser asking for support. We suggest that every participant enter at least 10 email addresses for max impact. 

  • Share

The Share block tallies how many times sellers have taken action to share your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or by copying your exclusive fundraiser link. Please note that the figure indicates the amount of times the sharing buttons have been clicked, but is unable to tally who has completed the action and actually shared on social media, pasted a link, or sent an email (due to privacy concerns). 

When the Share Now button is clicked, a window will appear with options to share your fundraiser landing page directly on Facebook or Twitter, use your device’s default email client to send a message and fundraiser link to your contacts, or copy your exclusive fundraiser link for easy sharing anywhere and everywhere. If you’re on your mobile device, you’ll see a link to share via text, allowing you to reach out to contacts who are most responsive to text messaging. Learn more tips for successful sharing.

  • Participation

The Participation block displays your fundraiser’s participation rate, a metric that calculates the number of sellers who have raised money as a percentage of estimated enrollment. The higher the participation rate, the more successful your fundraiser will be. 

When the Invite Sellers button is clicked, a window will appear with the same options as the sharing button, but with messaging that’s designed to encourage the people you invite to join as a seller, along with a link that takes them directly to seller registration. Sellers share your fundraiser with their network, casting a wider net of potential supporters. Inviting sellers to join in your fundraising efforts and encouraging participation amongst them is the Chair’s most important job.


We’ve drawn from our team’s decades of experience in fundraising to compile a set of resources designed to help you drive the success of your fundraiser. While we have an entire library of fundraising resources, we’ve highlighted the most important ones here on your dashboard. 

  • How it Works

The How it Works link takes you directly to this article, so you can refresh yourself on the best use of the important tools and functions your dashboard has to offer.

  • Parent Letter

Clicking the Parent Letter link will display a window with your parent letter, which you can download or print directly from your dashboard. Parent letters can be customized to best suit your needs, just reach out to one of our Customer Care team members for assistance. 

  • Templates

We have curated a set of templates and resources designed to aid in your success as a fundraising chair. The Templates link will take you to a page with those resources, and information on how to best utilize each template. You'll find letters to distribute to your school's parents, teachers and even the principal to let them know how they can help. There are also social media graphics you can use to spread the word about your fundraiser, and more!


Your dashboard contains three reports that allow you to monitor your fundraiser’s performance, providing you with the data you need to drive action for your cause. If you’d like to sort the data directly on your dashboard, just click the title of the column you would like to sort, and click again if you would prefer to sort the opposite way (Z-A vs. A-Z). You can download any of these reports if you would like to further analyze the data, just click the Export to CSV button and your report will be generated in an easily accessible format. 

  • Orders by Seller

The Orders by Seller report consolidates orders by seller name, allowing you to easily see who is driving the most impact for your fundraiser. Additional columns display the seller’s Teacher/Group name, how many email addresses they’ve entered into Boost10, the quantity of items that have been ordered on their behalf, the retail value of those orders (excluding tax and shipping), and the Fundraiser Profit (giveback) they’ve generated. 

The primary goal of this report is to see which of your sellers is seeing success (we suggest checking in to see what’s working for them!), and which sellers may need a bit more help and encouragement. For example, if you see that a registered seller has generated no orders and they have not entered Boost10 emails, remind them that Boost10 is the easiest way to reach out to family and friends for support. The column listing total quantity of items ordered on the seller’s behalf enables you to easily distribute prizes, where applicable. 

Understanding this Report: If a line has no seller name, but does have values in the Qty., Total, and Fundraiser Profit columns, that means that there are orders attributed to your fundraiser that were not attributed to a seller. Vice versa, if you see a line with seller names and no other values, that means that the seller has registered but has not been credited for any orders.

  • Online Orders

The Online Orders report lists each order that’s been placed on behalf of your fundraiser, along with the seller and customer names, Teacher/Group, quantity of items ordered, total retail value of the order (excluding tax and shipping), and the Fundraiser Profit (giveback).

We suggest using this report to check for orders that did not credit sellers, so you can have the order properly attributed. If you see an order with no seller name and you are able to determine who the order should credit, reach out to Customer Care with your fundraiser ID, the customer name, and seller name to credit so we can update the records accordingly.

  • Sharing

A team of sellers actively sharing your fundraiser is the best way to guarantee success. The Sharing report is a convenient way to see which sellers are helping spread the word about your fundraiser. The report details how many emails the seller has entered into our Boost tool, as well as the amount of times they’ve clicked to share their fundraiser via Facebook, Twitter, email, or via the fundraiser link. 

The main objective of this report is to help you encourage sharing in ways that are proven to generate support. Sellers who use our Boost10 tool raise an average of 3x(!) the amount that sellers who do not utilize the tool do. If your organization is eligible for prizes and has opted into our prize program, the report will indicate which sellers have earned an incentive prize for sharing. 

Understanding this report: The numbers for Facebook, Twitter, email, and link shares indicate the count of times the sharing buttons have been clicked by the seller. Since the sharing occurs on other sites, the report is unable to display completed shares or audience information. Also, please note that while this report records the number of email addresses entered into our Boost tool, we are unable to access the actual email addresses that have been entered. The email addresses are encrypted and included in an automated flow of emails that our system sends on behalf of the seller (student), and will be automatically deleted when your fundraiser ends (unless the recipient opts-in to continue receiving communication from Boon Supply).

Requesting Payout

Once your fundraiser has ended, you will see a Request Payment button on your dashboard. After clicking the Request Payment button, you’ll be asked for the payee information and an email address where you would like the fundraiser payout sent via Deluxe eCheck. Learn more about payouts.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the Chair Dashboard, be sure to review our Top Tips for Managing a Successful Fundraiser

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