Our Terminology

As you review our documentation, you’ll notice several terms with meanings that are unique either to the world of fundraising, or specifically to Boon Supply. Here’s a brief overview of our most-used buzzwords, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. 

  • Boost/Boost 10
    • This one’s important - Boost 10 is the most effective sharing tool in your fundraising toolbox! Boost allows you to enter email addresses (we recommend at least 10 for max impact) for potential fundraising supporters once, and leave the follow-up to us. We’ll email family and friends 3-5 times throughout the course of your fundraiser asking for support. Fundraisers who utilize this tool earn an average of 3x(!) the amount for their fundraiser than those who don’t. Learn more about using the Boost tool.
  • Cause
    • We use the term cause to indicate what you’re raising money for, and we tend to use the terms cause and fundraiser interchangeably. 
  • (Fundraising) Chair
    • The Chair is the person who organizes and manages the fundraiser. In the context of traditional school fundraising, this is frequently the principal or PTA President. We have an expansive collection of resources to support Chairs every step of the way - from signing up for a Boon Supply fundraiser to managing its success
  • Consultant
    • We have a dedicated team of Boon Consultants ready to aid in your success. Think of them as a personal sales coach for Chairs - an incredible resource dedicated to help you meet your fundraising goals. Find yours here.
  • Direct Donation
    • Boon Direct Donations are the simplest way to maximize the good - empowering you to securely send funds to your cause. We offer multiple donation levels from $25 to $500 and everywhere in between, so you can select the donation level that works for you. All with an 80% giveback.
  • Full-Service Fundraiser
    • Full-service fundraisers are the most comprehensive option for all of your fundraising needs. The full-service program is ideal for larger fundraising efforts, as it includes a personal Boon Consultant who will help you set up your fundraiser with printed lookbooks, letters, and prize programs (if applicable) at no cost to you. 
  • Giveback
    • This is the amount of your purchase that goes directly to your fundraiser. Essentially, it’s our term for the donation amount of your purchase. For example, if an item is $50 and the giveback is 40%, your fundraiser will receive $20 (of giveback).
  • (Fundraiser) Landing Page
    • A landing page is a custom fundraising page for your school or group. This page is created when your fundraiser is launched and can easily be shared with your friends and family so they can shop to support your fundraiser, or view a live feed of orders to check the fundraiser’s progress. Supporters can find your landing page via a custom link, or by using our search feature.
  • Lookbook
    • Our lookbooks provide a stylized snippet of our product offering for the season - they’re a great tool to show supporters the various ways they can shop to support your fundraiser. They’re essentially catalogs, but we prefer the term lookbook since they don’t include the entire breadth of our expansive collection. View this season’s lookbook here
  • Parent Letter
    • The parent letter is a powerful tool designed to let parents and guardians know about their student’s fundraiser and how they can drive support and action. Chairs can reach out to their Boon Consultant to have the parent letter customized to their needs. After the parent letter is finalized, Chairs and Sellers can access it via their Dashboard
  • Participation Rate
    • Participation Rate is a metric that allows Chairs to see the number sellers who have raised money as a percentage of estimated enrollment. The higher the participation rate, the more successful your fundraiser will be!
  • Payout
    • This is the total payment amount at the end of your fundraiser. The payout is the sum of the giveback, with the cost of any samples ordered at the start of your fundraiser deducted from that amount. Learn more about fundraiser payouts.
  • Seasons
    • We’ve found that there are two primary seasons for fundraising, particularly when you’re raising money for schools or sports teams. Here at Boon Supply, we split the year into Spring and Fall fundraising seasons - with a refreshed lookbook and new merchandise for each season. 
  • Self-Service Fundraiser
    • Our self-service fundraising program puts success at your fingertips thanks to an entirely online solution with simple setup (including inline help and tips) that enables you to get your fundraiser up and running in a matter of minutes - at no cost to you. This option is great for organizations who prefer to share their fundraiser through digitally native methods. 
  • (Fundraising) Seller
    • Sellers are the people who participate in a fundraiser by inviting family and friends to support their cause. Sellers receive credit for every purchase made in support of their fundraiser. In the context of traditional school fundraising, sellers are typically students. However, our Seller Resources are likely helpful for both parents & students. Learn more about the benefits of joining as a seller.
  • Supporter
    • Supporters are the people who make purchases to benefit fundraisers. Supporters are typically the family members and friends of sellers, or are connected to the seller in another way. Learn more about supporting a fundraiser.
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