Videos for a Successful Fundraiser

We have produced the short videos below in an effort to help you get to know Boon Supply, and to support your efforts to lead or participate in a successful fundraiser on Boon Supply. 

Getting to Know Boon Supply

This short video provides an overview of the many benefits to fundraising on Boon Supply. Learn more about The Boon Advantage here.

Participating in a Boon Supply Fundraiser

This short video covers the three primary actions that you should take to support your school's fundraiser: Send, Share, and Shop. Learn more about our Top Tips for Success.

Kicking Off to a Great Start! 

Participating in a Boon Supply fundraiser is very exciting! Watch the video above to find out what you can do to support your fundraiser. If you are participating in a school fundraiser that has opted-in to our prize program, the video above shows you how you can win awesome prizes. The video below is tailored to organizations not participating in our prize program. 

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