Registering as a Seller

Boon Supply makes it incredibly easy for you to participate in a fundraiser, so you can help raise as much money as possible for your cause. 

When you participate in a Boon Supply fundraiser, we call you a seller. Registering as a seller is one of the most important steps that you will take to support your fundraiser - and it takes less than a minute! Completing your registration allows you to earn credit for sharing your fundraiser and for each purchase made by supporters on your behalf. Learn more about why you should register as a seller.

Register as a Seller

There are two ways to register as a seller:

  • If you have your Fundraiser ID, click here and enter the ID in the appropriate field under Students Register Here
    • Your Fundraiser ID can be found in Step 1 of your Parent Letter - it is the number after the link.

  • If you do not have your Fundraiser ID, you can register by clicking Register/Sign In as a Seller on your Fundraiser Landing Page. 
    • To find your Fundraiser Landing Page, click here and type the name of your organization in the Search bar. 

Note: In the context of traditional school fundraising, parents should enter their child’s name as the seller name, but should use their own email address when registering. 

Registering Multiple Sellers 

Boon Supply requires a unique email address for each seller who registers, so if  you have more than one child participating in the fundraiser you will need to use a different email address for each. 

If you only have one email address, you can sign up for another at any major email provider, typically for free. Many email providers also provide an option to set up an email alias. An alias is an additional email address that forwards mail to your primary inbox. This will allow you to register an additional seller, but have all communication come to your primary inbox.

The steps to set up an email alias vary by email provider. Below are some links to instructions for major providers. If you're stuck, contact our Customer Care team for additional assistance. 

Setting up an alias for Gmail

Setting up an alias for iCloud

Setting up an alias for

Registering as a Seller in Multiple Fundraisers

If you or your child are participating in multiple fundraisers, you can link all organizations to one seller dashboard for easy management. Sign in to MyFundraiser and click Manage on the left hand side of the page. From the Your Organizations page, select Search. You can locate the additional fundraiser you would like to link by entering the organization name and zip code, or by entering your Fundraiser ID, clicking Search Organizations, and then Select Organization beneath the name of your organization. 

Next Steps

After you complete your registration, you are ready to view your Seller Dashboard. Please allow up to an hour after registering for existing orders to sync to your Seller Dashboard. Now, you’re ready to Shop and Share your fundraiser. 

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