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When participating in a fundraiser, it’s important to reach out to family, friends, and those in your extended network (like neighbors) to ask them for their support. You should let them know what your fundraiser means to you personally and why you would appreciate their help.

We’ve developed a couple of resources that make it easy for you to reach out to your family and friends, asking them to support your fundraiser and thanking them for that support.

Using these templates: We’ve designed these templates so that they are easy for you to customize. Simply download the file and personalize the message. You will see fields that you will need to populate with your information in red, such as your name and fundraiser link.

Here are a few suggestions of how you can use the templates:

  • Edit the text directly in the document, save as a PDF, and print or email the PDF to share. 
  • Copy the text and paste wherever you feel works well for the message and your audience (via email, directly on social media, etc.). 
  • Copy the image and paste wherever you feel works well, along with your own text.

Refer to the instructions below to learn where to find the pieces of information you will need to fill in:

  • Parent Letter - View, download, or print your Parent Letter directly from the Toolkit on your Seller Dashboard.
  • Fundraiser End Date - Your fundraiser end date is in the first paragraph of the Parent Letter
  • Fundraiser Link - Find your custom fundraiser link in your Seller Dashboard. Just click Share Now, and then the orange circle to Copy Link. This link will take you to your Fundraiser Landing Page

Last Chance Letter

Fundraiser Last Chance Seller Letter

You should send this message to your family and friends a few days before your fundraiser ends, reminding them that your fundraiser will be over soon and you would appreciate their support. Be sure to add your Fundraiser Link (see instructions above) so they can Shop to Support your fundraiser. 

Thank You Letter

Fundraiser Thank You Letter

You should send this message to each person who has supported your fundraiser, along with a personal message, letting them know how much your support means to you. 

Ready to learn more about sharing your fundraiser with family and friends? Check out our Top Tips for Seller Success.

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