Boon's Exclusive Boost Tool

If you knew that you could help your fundraiser generate 3x (!) the giveback with under two minutes of effort, would you? Good news! We have a tool that helps you do just that…

Boost Your Fundraiser to Success

Our most effective sharing tool is called Boost 10 - because all you need to do is enter the email addresses of 10 (or more) potential supporters in order to Boost your fundraiser to success. After you enter their email addresses, we will email potential supporters on your behalf 3-5 times over the course of your fundraiser, asking them to support your fundraiser in different ways, like shopping and sharing.

Why it Works

Boosting works because it’s personal. The emails we send make it clear that you’re the one asking them to contribute to your cause, and we’ve found that when supporters know the person asking for support, they are very likely to do so. The regular reminders ensure that supporting your fundraiser stays top-of-mind, but you won’t have to keep up with who to contact.

How to Boost

All you need to do is add email addresses of friends and family into our Boost tool, and we’ll share your fundraising story on your behalf. 

  • If you are a Seller (student/fundraising participant), you should login to MyFundraiser before Boosting. This will allow you to earn credit for the email address you enter and to receive credit for orders that are placed by those that access your school or organization's fundraising page through the Boost emails. After logging in, navigate to the Seller Dashboard of the fundraiser you would like to Boost. Then, click the Boost Now button and we’ll take you to the section of the Fundraiser Landing Page where you can enter email addresses for potential supporters, check the box to verify your age and consent, and click Save. We suggest that you enter at least 10 email addresses for max impact. 

See... it only takes a minute!

  • If you are a Chair, you can Boost directly from your Chair Dashboard. Just login to MyFundraiser and follow the same steps that we outlined for sellers. 
  • Anyone can Boost! You don’t have to be a Seller or Chair to Boost a fundraiser to success. Family and friends can use the Boost tool to share your fundraiser with their networks, directly from your Fundraiser Landing Page. We suggest making sure loved ones have a link to your Fundraiser Landing Page and letting them know that this is a great way for them to support you and your cause, even if they are unable to make a purchase on your behalf. 
    • Reminder: get the link to your Fundraiser Landing Page by clicking the Share Now button on your Seller or Chair Dashboard, and then the orange Copy Link button. 

We Do the Work for You

After you complete the steps above, we will take it from there. Throughout the course of your fundraiser, we will email family and friends 3-5 times asking for support on your behalf. The amount of time you save writing emails and follow-ups frees up your schedule, allowing you to focus on other sharing methods. Check out our more sharing tips in this article for Chairs and this version for sellers.  

Important Note

We respect your privacy, as well as the privacy of your potential supporters. We’ll never share or sell those email addresses, and we’ll only email them about your fundraiser. Plus, they can opt out of the email flow at any time. The way we’ve encrypted these email addresses to protect your privacy unfortunately means we are unable to access the actual email addresses that have been entered (but we can see the number of email addresses that have been entered). 

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