Encouraging Participation

One of your most important jobs as a Fundraising Chair is to invite others to join your fundraiser as a seller, and to encourage participation amongst them. The higher the participation rate, the more successful your fundraiser will be. It’s important to create a sense of urgency that drives action, so we have curated ways for you to get everyone excited and involved. 

Kick-Off to a Great Start

One of the most critical elements of a fundraiser is getting sellers (students) motivated, and a fundraiser kick-off is the best way to ensure they are motivated from the start. In the context of school fundraising, a kick-off is an event (typically an assembly) where you give students the information they need to understand the fundraiser and why it is important to participate, all in a fun and engaging way. 

Planning a successful kick-off is a vital step which builds the foundation for a successful fundraiser,  and will dramatically increase participation.  There are several ways you can conduct an impactful kick-off - we’ve found that a live event is best, but we have excellent video options as well. Contact your Boon Consultant to discuss our kick-off options, as they will know what is best for you and your fundraiser. 

Just remember, nothing is more powerful than an eager student. Their excitement spreads to the family and will help get their parents involved!  

Students Love Prizes

Each season, Boon Supply develops an exciting (and free!) prize program for elementary and middle school fundraisers. The program is designed to reward sellers (students) for sharing their fundraiser, and for each item purchased by supporters on their behalf. 

Our Spring 2023 prize program gives students the opportunity to earn everything they need to put together the coolest bedroom ever - from a door alarm that alerts them when brothers or sisters enter their territory to an inflatable LED chair with remote and even a mini fridge for access to chilly snacks without leaving their room! 

If your organization is eligible for prizes, and has opted-in to the program, be sure to mention the prizes in all announcements and emails. If your organization is eligible for prizes, and has opted-in to the program, the prizes will be listed on your parent letter so students know what it takes to earn their desired prizes. 

We’ve found that when the school staff makes it a point to recognize top sellers by announcing their hard work and distributing the prizes publicly, it spreads a tidal wave of excitement. It’s a fun way to celebrate your sellers and encourage others to share the fundraiser so they can earn prizes too. Talk about a win-win!  

Teachers are a School Fundraiser’s Best Friend

Everyone knows that a teacher’s encouragement can go a long way, so we always suggest enlisting their help in getting students excited about your fundraiser. We’ve developed a couple of ways that never fail to get teachers excited to rally the troops:

Teacher Incentive Program 

Teacher Incentive Flier

[ Note: Simply click the graphic above to download the Teacher Incentive flier.]

Boon Supply loves teachers, so we developed a Teacher Incentive program to thank them for their help encouraging fundraiser participation. Boon will send teachers with a 50% or greater classroom participation rate a promo code for $100 to spend on our site, or a code for $150 to those with 75% or greater participation.  

This program is available to teachers with a classroom size of at least 12 students during their school-wide fundraiser. Direct the teachers to complete the flier linked above at the end of the fundraiser and return it to you via your preferred method (print out or email). Then, send the completed fliers to your Boon Consultant. We’ll send the promo code to the teacher at the email address listed on their flier. 

Faculty Frolics

We’ve found that instilling a sense of team spirit and making your fundraiser FUN are great ways to increase participation. Our favorite way to do these things is by implementing a program that we call Faculty Frolics - which isa totally free incentive system where frolics (A.K.A. the fun stuff!) are earned when the school reaches certain predetermined goals. 

We’ve got ideas to treat your students to privileges, or excite them by the idea of having some good humored fun at the expense of their favorite teachers: 

  • Student Treats
    • Switch up the dress code: Plan a school-wide pajama party, or a day to ditch the uniform. 
    • Pig out: This one never gets old - throw an ice cream or pizza party for the whole school. 
    • Everyone’s favorite: No homework day!
  • Faculty Tricks 
    • Switch up the dress code, part 2: It’s the teacher’s turn - have them dress as punk rockers for the day, or make it their turn to wear the school uniform.  
    • Teaching takes talent: Have the teachers treat students to a hilarious lip-sync battle or talent show assembly. 
    • It’s getting hairy: Choose a courageous teacher to shear their beloved beard or shave the school’s initials into their hair if your fundraiser meets the goal.

This program drives the most participation when students get to pick their frolics. Consider putting some of these ideas up to a vote, or asking students what will motivate them! 

Contact Your Consultant For More Ideas

Your personal Fundraising Consultant is an expert on driving participation, so we always encourage you to reach out to them for more ideas. Boon Consultants have seen what works first-hand - many of them have been visiting schools and meeting students for decades. Remember, your Consultant’s contact info can be found in the top right corner of your Chair Dashboard. 

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