Making Changes to Your Fundraiser

Our Customer Care team is here to make sure your fundraiser is up-to-date with the most accurate information at all times. Please feel free to contact them if you would like to update any of your fundraiser information.

Here are our most commonly requested updates:

  • Start and end dates - extend the duration of your fundraiser as needed by choosing a new end date
  • Fundraiser/organization name
  • Shipping address on the account - this is where lookbooks or prizes, if applicable, will be shipped
  • City listed on your fundraiser page
  • Primary chairperson contact - you can pass the torch if you will no longer be the Fundraiser Chair
  • Assigning seller credit to an online order - if a supporter forgot to enter a seller name at checkout and you know the name of the seller the order corresponds to
  • Customizing your fundraiser with a unique image and description - click here to learn how you can make your fundraiser as personal as possible
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