What is a Seller?

Sellers are critical to the success of a fundraiser, so you’ll find mention of them throughout the Boon Supply site. We must admit the term can be quite confusing, so we are dedicating this whole article to letting you know who they are and how they can help. 

Who’s a seller?

Sellers are the people who participate in a fundraiser by inviting family and friends to support their cause. Sellers receive credit for every purchase made in support of their fundraiser. In the context of traditional school fundraising, sellers are students. However, much of the seller information we provide is helpful for both parents & students.

You’re a seller? 

Great - welcome to the team! We’re glad that you’re here to help your cause, and we’ve created a library of resources to assist you in your efforts. Learn all about being a seller - from the benefits of joining and how to register, to top tips for success and a guide to the many tools your Dashboard contains to help you make the most of your fundraiser. 

Confused about another term you keep seeing us mention?

We totally understand. There are several terms with meanings that are unique either to the world of fundraising, or specifically to Boon Supply. Check out this overview of our most-used buzzwords.

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