The Benefits of Joining as a Seller

Boon Supply makes it incredibly easy and fun for you to participate in a fundraiser, so you can help raise as much money as possible for your cause. When you participate in a Boon Supply fundraiser, we call you a seller. Learn more about what it means to be a seller.

The Benefits of Registering as a Seller

Registering as a seller is one of the most important steps you can take to support your fundraiser - and it takes less than a minute! Completing your registration allows you to earn credit for sharing your fundraiser and for each purchase made by supporters on your behalf. 

As a registered seller, you will have access to an incredible Seller Dashboard that lets you track your progress throughout the fundraiser and access a set of tools we’ve designed to make it easy for you to ask family and friends for support - all from one place. If your fundraiser is participating in our prize program, your dashboard has metrics that make it easy to see how close you are to earning your desired prize. 

Find out more about the cool things you can do from your Seller Dashboard. 

Register Now!

If you have your Fundraiser ID, sign up here in under a minute. If you don’t have your Fundraiser ID handy, go here and type the name of your organization in the Search bar. Select your organization from the results, and then click Register/Sign In as a Seller.

You can also click here to learn more about the registration process before taking action. 

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