Sharing Your Self Service Fundraiser

Fundraising has always been about numbers: the more people you can engage, the more you’ll raise. That’s why Boon Supply has developed a set of tools that make it simple for you to share your fundraiser and drive engagement. All of these tools are located on one easy-to-use Sharing Panel. (Scroll to the bottom of this article to learn how to access your Sharing Panel.)

The Sharing Panel offers five or six ways to easily share your fundraiser with potential supporters, depending on the type of device you’re using. Each button of the Sharing Panel directs potential supporters to your Fundraiser Page, where they can Shop to Support or share your fundraiser with their own networks.

Here’s how each sharing method can help your fundraiser meet its goals: 

Boon’s Exclusive Boost Tool

Our most effective sharing tool is called Boost 10 - because all you need to do is enter the email addresses of 10 (or more) potential supporters in order to Boost your fundraiser to success. Fundraisers who utilize our Boost tool generate an average of 3x(!) the giveback for their cause. 

How to Boost: To start, click the Boost button. This will take you to a specific section of the Fundraiser Page, where you can enter email addresses for potential supporters, check the box to verify your age and consent, and Save. We suggest entering at least 10 email addresses for max impact. 

What it Does: After you complete the steps above, we will take it from there. Throughout the course of your fundraiser, we will email family and friends 3-5 times to ask them to support your fundraiser in different ways, like shopping and sharing. The amount of time you save writing emails and follow-ups frees up your schedule, allowing you to focus on other sharing methods below. 

Why it Works: Boosting works because it’s personal. The emails we send make it clear that you’re the one asking them to contribute to your cause, and we’ve found that when supporters know the person asking for support, they are very likely to do so. The regular reminders ensure that supporting your fundraiser stays top-of-mind, but you won’t have to keep up with whom to contact.


This button will direct you to Facebook, where you will find an automated post with a graphic asking your friends and family to Shop to Support your fundraiser. Customize the message to your liking - we always suggest letting supporters know why the fundraiser is important to you. Fun fact: we’ve helped causes like yours raise millions of dollars through Facebook alone.


The same functionality as the Facebook button, but perfect for asking for support in 280 characters or less.  Tweet, tweet! 


The good ol’ fashioned way to send a personal message to a smaller group. When you use the sharing panel to share via email, you’ll have the link to your fundraiser all ready to go. Just adjust the message to your liking, add your contacts, and hit send. 

Copy Link

From here, share anywhere. Think big and try to spread the word in ways that make sense for your supporters, and your cause. Here are a few places to get started sharing your link: Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat, Slack, Discord, Nextdoor, Pinterest, Clubhouse, Meetup, Houseparty, WeChat, Whatsapp, MeWe, and Yelp - the world is your oyster! Don’t forget to put the link in a visible spot on any of your social media profiles, so you can easily drive supporters to the link in your bio when you talk about your fundraiser. 


The vast majority of the Boon Supply audience is on their phone, and we’ve designed the experience with that in mind. That means we’ve made it quick and easy to text your fundraiser to any contacts in your phone. Simply tap the Text It button, choose your recipients, and you’re off. Don’t forget to send to your group chats! ( Note: this button will only appear if you are accessing the sharing panel of the Fundraiser Page from a mobile device.)

Pro Tip: Make it Personal

When you share your fundraiser, especially on social media, it’s great to include a personal photo that immediately tells your supporters what your fundraiser is all about. For example, use a picture of the adoptable dogs at the animal shelter you’re supporting, or the team you’re raising money for. Adding a brief explanation of why the fundraiser is important to you is another great way to engage potential supporters. 

Anyone can do it! 

We suggest letting your family and friends know that sharing your fundraiser is a great way for them to support you and your cause, even if they are unable to make a purchase on your behalf. Simply direct them to the easy-to-use sharing tools on your Fundraiser Page. 

Accessing the Sharing Panel

Sharing tools can be found on both your Fundraiser Dashboard (if you’re the Fundraiser Creator) and on the Fundraiser Page (which is accessible by anyone). 

  • Accessing a Fundraiser Page (as a Creator, Participant, or Supporter)
    • Go to Find a Fundraiser
    • Type in the name of your fundraiser
    • Select your fundraiser from the search results

  • Accessing a Fundraiser Dashboard (as a Creator):
    • Sign to your Boon Supply account
    • On a mobile device: 
      • Select Account in the navy menu bar at the top of the screen
      • Select Fundraisers
      • Select Dashboard
    • On a desktop browser:
      • Select the person icon in the upper right corner of the screen
      • Select Fundraisers
      • Select Dashboard

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