Prizes & Incentives

Power up your fundraiser!

Our Prize Program

Boon Supply makes it easy to boost your sales with our absolutely FREE prize programs. Prizes are based on the number of items sold and is cumulative - the more you sell, the more you earn! To generate excitement and promote participation, some prizes can be earned immediately by participating in Boost 10 or selling as little as 1 item or 12 items in the first days of the sale. Maximize your prizes by selling 40, 75 or 150 items!!! Cumulative Prizes will be shipped to the school at the end of the fundraiser. 

Our prize program offers Boost10 where sellers can earn their first prize quick and easy! All they have to do is ask their parents to enter 10 emails on the fundraiser’s online store page and are then awarded with a prize!

We offer a full-color prize flyer and unique collectible participation prizes. Download the prize flyer or have it shipped with your seller packets and catalogs before your fundraiser even begins! We also provide an exciting kickoff video to launch your fundraiser to get students excited about all the prizes they can earn!

Prize Flyer

Prize Coupons

Prize Program Kick Off Video and Tips

Tips for Boosting Participation:

  • Mention the prizes in all announcements and emails.

  • Remind students to turn in their tickets daily to earn their prize!

  • Make a big deal about recognizing the top-sellers (i.e. Congratulations to Suzy! She earned her 5th collectible prize today!!)

  • Every school has 4-5 favorite teachers, engage them to be advocates of the program and hand out the prizes and celebrate the winners!

Teacher Incentive

Teachers with high classroom participation are eligible to win a free shopping spree. It's a great incentive that teachers love! Available to school-wide fundraisers. and classroom size must be a minimum of 12 students. Download the form on the left and have teachers fill it out completely. Once it's been turned in, we will email the coupon code to the teacher directly.